Dark Digital Camo XBOX 360 Controller Shell

Dark Digital Camo   XBOX 360 Controller Shell

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This item includes a Dark Digital Camo controller shell, Dark Digital Camo battery pack and Dark Digital Camo start/back buttons. Use these controller mod parts to create your custom modded controller.


Our products are the most durable available on the market because we manufacture them. Our controller parts are injection molded in the color you see. No paint to scratch, no paint to wear off, no color to fade, no inconsistent color!


Start creating that perfect modded controller with our Dark Digital Camo XBOX 360 Controller Shell!


To really customize your controller from the ground up or just to view how this Dark Digital Camo XBOX 360 Controller Shell will look with other parts, use our Create-a-Controller software found in the top navigation!

Will MadModz Xbox 360 Controller Shell, Battery Pack & Start/Back Buttons fit my standard Xbox 360 Controller?
Yes, our Controller Shell, Battery Pack & Start/Back Buttons are designed to be an exact replacement for the standard Xbox 360 Controller Shell, Battery Pack & Start/Back Buttons.
Do I need special tools to install the Xbox 360 Controller Shell?
Yes, you will need the Torx T8 security screwdriver. MadModz manufactures and sells the Torx T8 security screwdriver for all your controller mods. Available here.
Are there installation instructions for the Xbox 360 Controller Shell?
The MadModz engineers are currently working on updated PDF and video instruction tutorials. In the meantime please refer to this "how-to" video tutorial. Also, feel free to contact the GamerModz support team and they will be more than happy to help.
Are the Xbox 360 Controller Shell and Battery Pack painted?
Unlike many of our competitors, MadModz never paints any of our controller mod parts. We manufacture our controller mod parts with the latest color injection mold technology, giving you the guaranteed fitment and OEM durability. * Please note chrome series controller parts are electrically plated. The electric plating creates a strong adhesion to the base plastic.
Which Xbox 360 controllers will the Xbox Controller Shell fit?
Our parts will fit standard Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controllers. We cannot guarantee fitment with aftermarket Xbox 360 controllers purchased from somewhere else. If you are using a special edition Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controller that has the transforming DPAD, the transforming D-Pad will not fit in our shell.
How long does my Xbox 360 Controller Shell take to ship?
All in-stock items on "parts" only orders ship next business day as long as it's not a holiday that USPS recognizes. It is very rare that we are out of stock on parts and if we are, the item should be listed as "out-of-stock" on the website. Very rarely the inventory in the warehouse and the website may not be exactly matched but in that rare event, you will receive an email informing you of the out of stock item with an ETA.
How long until I receive my Xbox 360 Controller Shell?
Once it leaves our warehouse with the postal carrier you chose at checkout, the time it takes for delivery is in control of the shipping provider. Depending on your distance from Tampa, FL, weekends, holidays observed by the carrier, weather conditions, etc would determine transit time. To get an estimate, UPS, FedEx, and USPS have transit time calculators to give you an estimate.
What is the quality and durability of my MadModz Controller Shell?
MadModz controller mod parts are manufactured with ABS plastic and injection molded with the color. This means that the color is throughout the part and will not fade or wear, guaranteed! *Please note, chrome series controller parts are electrically plated. The electric plating creates a strong adhesion to the base plastic.
Are these Microsoft OEM parts?
MadModz does NOT manufacture or distribute Microsoft OEM parts unless otherwise stated in the description. GamerModz controller mod parts are aftermarket parts we manufacture to OEM specifications providing factory fitment or better.
Does MadModz guarantee their products and controller mod parts?
All MadModz controller mod parts come with a 7-Day money back guarantee and a 30 day replacement warranty against manufacturing defects. Neither warranty covers shipping and handling. The warranty starts the day the item was delivered. All the controller mod parts or part kits are NOT returnable for refund if they have been installed.
Our controllers are fully compatible with all past, present and future (FPS) First Person Shooter games on the market including popular titles such as Gears of War, Call of Duty, and Battlefield. With our exclusive SPS® technology you won't have to worry about your controller becoming obsolete as new games come out.

Games for XBOX 360 Compatible with Our RapidFire

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