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How do MadModz™ modded controllers stack up against the competition?

MadModz™ is the leading manufacturer of custom modded controller parts for the XBOX and PS3. We have been manufacturing custom parts for years and our client list contains other leaders in the modded controller industry. Chances are, if you have seen the parts we carry somewhere else, they were purchased from us.

If you are wondering how our Rapid Fire and other controller mods stack up, MadModz™ is owned and staffed by people that have been in this business longer than anyone. These are the people that started the modded controller industry and continue to lead it with technology developed in house such as the SPS™ series Rapid Fire.

What makes this SPS™ Rapid Fire controller technology the best?

The SPS™ (Shots-Per-Second) series Rapid Fire was developed to be the most adjustable Rapid Fire mod on the market. This technology allows you to completely customize the speed of your rapid fire eliminating the need to purchase a new Rapid Fire controller if a patch is released, a new version of your favorite games is released, or a new game comes to market.

By allowing the user to configure the Rapid Fire in exact shots-per-second, the user can setup the rate of fire to max out the firing rate of any game, any weapon, or any patch. If you are playing a game that can benefit from Rapid Fire, whether it is a current game or game not yet released, the SPS™ series will work!

The community loved the SPS™-X1 and SPS™-X2 so much that we released a highly customizable version of this Rapid Fire mod called the SPS™-X3. This version not only allows you to adjust the rate of fire in shots-per-second, you have the ability to preset 5 separate modes. Each of these modes can be configured for fully automatic and any rate of fire, burst mode with any amount of burst and any rate of fire for the burst, right trigger rapid fire, left trigger rapid fire or dual trigger rapid fire. This allows you to setup the modes for different games, different classes in Call of Duty, or for any other reason.

Do you carry just Modded Controllers?

Not only do we carry modded controllers using the latest technology, we also have the largest selection of custom controller mod parts. We manufacture custom controller shells such as Chrome Controller Shells, Clear Controller Shells, Matte Controller Shells, Glossy Controller Shells and even Hydro-Dip Controller Shells. Just our custom controller shells give you hundreds of options to make the ultimate custom controller mod.

The custom parts we manufacture doesn't stop there either. We also manufacture the largest selection of Thumbsticks, Dpads, Trim, Bumpers, Triggers and Buttons for the XBOX and Playstation 3. With this large of a selection, there is over 5 million possible design combinations guaranteeing you will find the modded controller of your dreams.

If you need help designing that perfect controller, MadModz™ has an app for that! Our Create-A-Controller™ app allows you to design that perfect modded controller and then choose whether you would like to just order the parts, send-in your controller to have the parts installed, or order it pre-built and ready to impress when it arrives on your doorstep.

As a market leader is innovative modded controllers and the largest manufacturer and supplier of custom modded controller parts, we are able to bring you the most competitive pricing a long with the highest quality mods. If you have any questions or need assistance in designing that perfect controller mod, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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